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Welcome to Dreamwork!


The Inner Smile is passionate about facilitating your journey toward self-acceptance. Dreamwork is a powerful tool to help all people feel better about the light and dark of life. It's all there in the consciousness of dreams.


Did you know that you can change your relationship to your dreams and even to your nightmares? You can begin to change your responses to dreams that can in turn give you new energy in your daily life.

Try one of the Inner Smile's offerings for dreamwork and give your dream life the attention it deserves! 

Concrete Wall

Why Dreamwork?

Intention setting can lift your life to new potential.

Here are some reasons why people do dreamwork:

Table Mirror

Understand self

and find meaning

Dreams are a mirror you can use for better self-awareness.

Leaves Shadow

Shadow work

and integration

You can understand parts of yourself that you have hidden away and promote wholeness of your being.

White Bust

Open imagination 

and creativity

You can receive creative ideas like story ideas or be inspired by art pieces from your dreams!

White Branch

Meditative extension

The waking world becomes more acceptable and peaceful when you accept what arises in dreams.

White Room

Resolve recurring dreams

Dreamwork with a recurring dream often causes it to begin evolving or stop occurring.

Notepad on Desk

Find messages within dreams

Some people seek messages from their dreaming mind, higher self, spiritual guides, loved ones, etc.

What about dream interpretation?

You are the authority on your inner life.

Through dreamwork sessions and groups, we discuss many possible meanings to dreams. However, no one can "interpret" your dream except you! You are the only one who really knows your inner life, beliefs and experiences. You may feel a moment of realization or deeper understanding during dream discussion. Those are the clues on the path of understanding your dreams! We will be happy to guide you on the journey.

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