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Spiritual Companion
Individual Session

Sign up for a session with a Spiritual Companion today for individualized attention toward enhancing your spiritual life. 

A Spiritual Companion is trained in nonjudgmental deep listening and has spent time in self-reflection and contemplation of spiritual life. These individual sessions are available for you to explore your own relationship with spirituality in a caring environment. The spiritual companion will ask gentle questions to help you consider your own journey. You are the authority of your own spiritual path and your walk with Spirit. You may use different terms to describe your beliefs about a higher power or meditative relationship with the world. The Inner Smile is an inclusive space, teaches no specific spiritual pathway, and encourages acceptance, loving, and caring for the whole self.

Spiritual Companion sessions are one hour long and cost $60. Some people choose to meet with a spiritual companion on an ongoing basis once per month. See more details about the role of a spiritual companion here:

Individual Dreamwork

Sign up for a session with a Dreamworker to examine the images, actions, and deep feelings that make up your individual dream life. 

  • Receive individualized attention with a certified Dreamworker

  • Get personalized tips based on your own dream style and tendencies

  • Realize your personal associations and the collective symbolism

  • Improve your relationship to your own dream life

  • Gain understanding of yourself by looking into the mirror of your dreams

Dreamwork sessions are one hour long and cost $60. Please bring written dreams to work with or be ready to share dreams from memory. The dreams we discuss do not need to be recent. 


Simply giving your dreams this time and attention is likely to open up your world of creative dreams!

Do you have lucid dreams?

Lucid dreaming happens when dreamers become aware that they are dreaming within a dream. This "lucid opportunity" allows the dreamer to play with dream mechanics, choose to speak to dream characters, or seek many other types of experiences within their dreams.

We believe that lucid dreaming allows a dreamer to fast-track their goals, whether the goal is personal growth, healing, meditation practice, or spiritual connection. It's also fun and can be quite enlivening! We believe everyone can lucid dream!


In addition to our training in Dreamwork, we have the personal experience that is essential to truly understanding what it's like to be aware in your dreams and how to approach it.

We can discuss the possibilities and challenges of lucid dreaming with you in any of our sessions.

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