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Fellow dreamers, 

At Inner Smile, we are so excited for you to experience the exhilaration of exploring your inner world, whether it's through dreamwork, meditation, or spiritual contemplation. We are dedicated to being here for you to support your journey.

Everyone is welcome here, exactly as you are!

Introducing our Pittsburgh Area Dreamworker and Spiritual Companion

Juliana Hopkins

Juliana earned a Spiritual Guidance Mentorship Certificate from Atlantic University (about a year-and-a-half long program) and is a teacher of Dreamwork, Meditation, and Finding Your Mission in Life. She also holds a Bachelor of Arts from Penn State University. Juliana has personal experience with advanced lucid dreaming (becoming aware in a dream and choosing new responses within a dream) and lucid living (mindful meditation in the present moment). She is dedicated to the study of consciousness and spirituality. Having founded the Inner Smile in 2022, Juliana is passionate about raising awareness about the power of nighttime dreams for improving wellbeing and the possibilities for spiritual depth in dreams. 

About our center

We envision our center as a spa for the soul! 

Our space is a caring and nonjudgmental zone and a joyful community center. 

Our group sessions allow for insightful and fun meetings where we learn and grow from group wisdom.

Our private sessions offer active listening and inquiry for deeper understanding and contemplation of dreams, meditative lifestyle, or the spiritual journey.

We can't wait to meet you!


At Inner Smile, we want everyone to be comfortable during meditation or any of our group meetings. We have meditation cushions and cushioned folding chairs. 


The Inner Smile does not offer counseling or psychotherapy.

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