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Welcome to Inner Smile!

We work with dreams, practice mindfulness and meditation, and offer deep listening in spiritual companionship. 

At Inner Smile, we want to empower you to listen to your own inner guidance. Your intuition is your teacher!


We don’t tell you what methods will work for you. We help you explore for yourself what techniques and practices enhance your journey to encourage your wellbeing. We have experience in many styles of dreamwork, meditation, contemplation, and inquiry.


We listen, inquire, suggest, support, share,

and teach methods you can try for yourself.

We Believe

1 / Deep listening is the most important aspect of what we do.

Listening nonjudgmentally, being present and caring, is what we most want to offer the world.

2 / Every human being is the expert of their own experience, and lived experience is to be deeply valued.

All people should be celebrated for their own insights. We are all equally part of the great mystery of life. 

3 / Mindfulness and Dreamwork offer bidirectional benefits to improve wellbeing.

Being mindful during the day and increasing spaciousness in your experience brings more awareness and understanding to your dream life at night. Bringing acceptance and care for your dream life improves your experience of daily living.

Our View of Meditation

  • Meditation can assist you on a journey of self-acceptance. Mindfulness makes space for understanding your experience and who you really are. 


  • Meditation is an exploration of inner life, and the experience is unique to you. You can only succeed at exploration. Curiosity is key.

  • We encourage listening to the natural intuition within you that shows you the best way to explore and love your inner life. We offer ideas and suggestions from our knowledge of practices. We offer support and understanding for challenges.


Have you ever thought you can't meditate because you think too much?

You don't need to stop your thoughts in order to meditate! 

In fact, we believe all human beings naturally meditate.

Find out what meditation means to you!

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