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Spiritual Companion Session Information

Definition of a Spiritual Companion

A spiritual companion offers nonjudgmental deep listening to support individuals on their independent spiritual journeys. The companion is a helpful guide because they have cultivated their own practices, contemplation, discernment, and relationship to God/Spirit/the Universe. The spiritual companion holds caring space for an individual’s unique spiritual story. Though many aspects of life may be discussed, the primary focus of the sessions will be on the individual’s spirituality and how this relationship can be deepened.

Experience and Background

I believe that life itself is my greatest teacher, and spiritual exploration is paramount in my daily experience. For me, spirituality is not separate from daily activities, but I practice integrating it and looking from the spiritual perspective as much as possible daily. I received training through Atlantic University’s Spiritual Guidance Mentor program in spiritual direction, teaching meditation, dreamwork, and life missions. I have taken courses from other sources to comprehend spiritual unfoldment in the areas of expanding awareness, getting beyond limiting beliefs, and more.

Role of the Spiritual Companion

I am an active listener who will ask open questions to help you in contemplation of your journey with God/Spirit. I will not tell you what to do, but I can offer some suggestions for you to explore in your own practice if you would like. I am not an expert (nor do I think anyone is), but I can offer the support and caring space of a spiritual companion. You can find clarity through your own reflection upon your story, which we can explore together through gentle inquiry.


I am able to contribute ideas for meditation, dreamwork, and exploring awareness since I have personal experience in these areas. I do not intend to give advice, and I do not have any agenda regarding your beliefs. I deeply respect each individual’s unique path. I intend to be a positive, encouraging support for you to develop a deeper relationship with your intuition and with Spirit.


A spiritual companion is sometimes called a spiritual friend; in this instance, we must maintain a professional relationship within appointment times. If you experience something important, you may send an email between meetings.


Once a month is typical to meet with a spiritual companion, but I am flexible about scheduling options. My availability for appointments is viewable at


I will maintain confidentiality of what you share. I will always respect the dignity of all clients and create an inclusive environment. I promise to honor your unique gifts and path. I will offer a nonjudgmental and attentive space for you.

I ask that you have a certain degree of openness about your experiences so that our time together will be of better service to you. Self-reflection between sessions is also important.

Mental Health

I advocate for traditional clinical therapy for life’s challenges. If you are currently in therapy, please ask your provider first whether they recommend a spiritual companion (also known as spiritual director) for you. Mental health is an important part of our overall health. I am certified in Mental Health First Aid, which is a training to be aware of signs and symptoms that someone may need to see a professional for mental health treatment. If appropriate, I will discuss any concerns with you. A spiritual companion is not a psychotherapist, counselor, or mental health provider.

Client is the Authority of Their Experience

I believe your experience with God/Spirit/the Universe is sacred. You are the authority of your spiritual experience, and your relationship with Spirit is for you alone. Honoring that relationship remains the most important aspect of our work together.

Fees and Cancellation

The fee will be $50 per session payable in advance on my website or in person at the meeting by cash or check. If you need to cancel, please notify me 24 hours in advance, and we can reschedule your session. Because illness symptoms sometimes appear suddenly, I offer a full refund if you cancel up to an hour before your session.


If you are feeling unwell, please call or text to reschedule. I will do the same. I have received flu and Covid vaccinations and all available boosters.

Ending the Mentoring Relationship

Either party can end the mentoring relationship at any time. Periodically, we will discuss whether the sessions are meeting expectations. If we usually have a regular appointment, please notify me by email or phone if you wish to cancel.

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